October 29, 2014

Branding & Creativity Masterclasses at 10th WIEF, Dubai

Peter and Ruh were invited to the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Dubai to present and lead several seminars and masterclasses.


They pair delivered topics ranging from self-branding, artistic career development their insights in working as artist/designers in a commercial world.

Both Peter and Ruh also exhibited their own work at the MOCAFest alongside several world class artists, filmmakers and photographers – including the celebrated Peter Sanders and Asil Attar.


Local newspaper Gulf Today interviewed the pair during their time at MOCAfest:

Peter Gould, co-founder and designer of Peter & Ruh, Australia, said: “The creative process starts with an open mind. In order to be creative, you need to be open-minded about the things around you.”

Emphasising the positive aspect of having a creative attitude, Peter said that there is ultimate peace in creativity.

Ruh Al Alam, co-founder and designer, Peter & Ruh, UK, stressed that genuine creative art is not just about branding but about taking a product or initiative to a level of authenticity at the global level.

He added: “Ethics should be a critical component of artistic practice, and this is particularly relevant to Islamic art, where the artist needs to constantly ensure that their work does not contradict their faith.”


Ruh delivering insights into self-branding


A joint open discussion on creativity and ethics

A joint open discussion on creativity and ethics

Peter and Ruh plan hope to continue to deliver similar seminars and workshops at upcoming economic, creative and cultural conferences in UAE, Malaysia and Europe.

To book Peter and Ruh, please email via the contact page.

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