October 30, 2014

Launch of Creative Ummah

Launch of the world's first e-learning platform for aspiring Muslim creatives

Launched by Peter, Irfan Khairi and Ruh in Dubai, Creative Ummah is an eLearning platform for Muslims to empower themselves and their communities with affordable online courses taught by the Ummah’s most exciting creative talent.

The Ummah has an incredibly rich and diverse wealth of creative expertise that spans a vast spectrum of traditional and contemporary disciplines. Much of this knowledge is not widely shared and only available upon face-to-face interaction.

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This initiative aims to provide a world first in competitive online eLearning, by establishing a global platform for people to enrol in courses that are facilitated by industry professionals and global icons. This innovative approach to online education is aimed predominantly, but not exclusively, at the Muslim community to help foster positive growth, inter-community cohesion and a much needed up-skilling and professional development on a global scale.

Peter presents Creative Ummah to a special launch in Dubai

Peter presents Creative Ummah to a special launch in Dubai will be an adaptive online eLearning platform for people to teach and share their expertise with people all over the world insha’Allah. The approach will use video tutorials, online lessons and an interactive social media learning environment.

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