There are many design agencies.

We’re not one of them.

Peter & Ruh is a unique collaboration. A place where we invent, evolve and revolutionise concepts, brands and products… and along the way we’d like to make this world a better place for us all through creative causes.

Ideas + Products

We take ideas, concepts and products from conception to realisation. New, innovative and unusualy creative solutions to common problems and gaps in the market is what we specialise in.

We define, develop and execute products, ideas and services that are meant to make an impact. Our strong design, interaction-based and people-focused approach always delivers amazing results.

The magic happens in the realm of user and brand experience and that’s where you’ll find us.


Branding + Digital

We help build and re-build brands. Building upon years of expertise in refining and enriching brands to ignite new or re-position existing brands.

From the process of nomenclature, identity design to highly developed website and mobile experiences, we leave no stone unturned to deliver a start to finish service.

Our specialism in understanding the history, traditions, languages and religions of our audiences allows us to go where others cannot.


Creative Causes

From the very inception of Peter&Ruh as an ethically-focused project, we often work with non-profits and charities to project causes with a totally new approach.

We now bring creative cause-based ideas, projects and campaigns to our clients. These unique and high profile projects benefit not only our clients image but many people in need of life-saving aid.

We want to inspire people through campaigns, change lives through creative charity and contribute to a more beautiful world.


Our Process

We have refined the way we work over the last decade and this tried and tested method consistently brings the best results for our clients each time.

Have an idea or project in mind?

Get in touch to discuss your next project, we’ve always got a new and fresh perspective on things that may just surprise you.

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